Friday, 11 August 2017

You can win prizes


After school I went with my dad to slyvia park

to the movies to go to the arcade. We played on when you can win prizes. I didn't win any prizes.

The last game I played on was the driving one.
I won two times and I lost once.It was fun and went home with burger king . I stayed at my nan's
house for the night. it was cool then I hat to go to school at 8:00am. Thats what I did.


  1. Kia Ora Madisyn, What a good job on winning twice on the racing game! You must be amazing at playing the racing car game. I have been there as well. My favorite game at Sylvia Park is probably the bowling because I always win at it all the time. Hey, what’s your favorite game at Sylvia Park? Also who do you always win against?

  2. Malo Le Lei, Madisyn, Your blog post sounded pretty fun, when I went to watch War the Planet of the Apes I went to the arcade and came first on the car game but I wasted it on the prize game and it didn’t even work, can you please add information the way What game was your favourite