Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Cleaning Up Tamiki Estuary

Yesterday my whole school and I went to Tamiki Estuary with Frazier and his team Hazel and Ashley. They worked at the zoo. They wanted us to clean our local river, Tamiki Estuary.

When we arrived there my friend Limiteti and I partnered up with a room 7, we partnered up with Lolo. We had a bucket to put rubbish in. We found plastic bags, chip bags and mostly shattered class every where.

When we finished picking up the rubbish we could found we washed our hands and had lunch, and played on the park. It was a fun afternoon and if you see rubbish flying around please pick it up and put it in the bin.

Monday, 24 June 2019

Wero Whitewater Park

On Friday my whole class and I went to the Wero Whitewater Park in Manukau. I was excited to go but nervous at the same time.

When we arrived there the Receptionist took us into a room to watch two films of Wero Whitewater Park. One about why they made the wate
r park and the last about safety. Then we put the wet suits and shoes on. Everyone was struggling to put them on. When we finished putting them on we put life jackets on and a helmets.

We met our instructors Ethan, Chris and Jaja. We had to get into three groups. First we had to get use to the water and the strong currents before going on the boats. We went on the boats and we could stand up so we did. My favourite bit of the trip was jumping in to the strong currents and swimming.

After all it was a really fun day and I hope we could go next year.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Wood Works

Today I went to tech and I did Wood work.

First we had to draw eight designs of what you wanted to do with at least one or two joints in it. I drew my eight designs and then I picked the design I wanted to do. I picked a phone holder.

It was fun at tech today. Next week I will get started and finish it.

Monday, 17 June 2019

Super Rugby

Last week some terms had one last chance to get into the playoffs. First it started off between the Bulls and the Highlanders coming in as a draw, 24-24.

Then it was the Blues and the Reds. The Blues lost by one point, 29-28. After that it was the Crusaders and the Reds. Crusaders taking out the Reds with a thrilling score to 66-0.

There's a lot more teams but who do you think will make the top eight?

Friday, 14 June 2019

Rippa Rugby

Yesterday was our last day to do Rippa Rugby with Coach Cory. First we had to get into partners to play cat and mouse. I was partners with Winne. I was the cat and she was the mouse, when Coach Cory called mouse I ran after Winne and took a tag off her. Then she took all of my tags.

Next we played a game we didn't even know how to play called over the river.
We got into two groups and we had a ball for each team. When you kicked or threw the ball over to their island then the person thats near it is out. When everyone was out it was just Alamoni and I. Alamoni had a ball and I did. The last person that kicked it over won, and I won by dogging his. My team was proud of me and I was proud of me too.

It was exciting and a fun time.

Friday, 31 May 2019

Teachers On Strike

On Thursday the teachers went on strike. Teachers from primary schools and secondary teachers were walking up Queens Street and holding signs saying we need more teachers and pay rise. Parents, students were supporting the teachers too.

So the government offered to the teachers a pay rise for three years, some teachers agreed some did not. I hope that we get more teachers in the future because if we didn't we wouldn't  have any schools.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Kiwican Week 1!

Image result for kiwicanToday my class did kiwican with Miss Tuia and Mrs Mac. Mrs Mac covered for Mr Matt.

We focused on being respectful to others around us, don't be shy and give it a go. Our  topic we focused on was integrity and honesty. 

Then we got in a circle one by one told them what our names were. When that was done we played a game called bang. (How to play).  A person calls out your name and then you duck down, then the people on the side of you gets to say bang. The first person to say bang wins and the person on the side sits down. I didn't win, but that's was okay.

We played another game called change places if. So a person says a question, like if your favourite colour is blue then you change places. If your the last one standing up you have to do five star jumps.  I had a lot of fun and can't wait for next week Tuesday.